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How SharpMap manage the SRID ?

Topics: Algorithms
Jun 27, 2007 at 3:52 PM
Hi everybody ^^ sorry for my english, I'm french !
I thought that SRID was just an ID for a geometry but I see an interface ICoordinateSystem in SharpMap. So I can't do this :
Point p = new Point(302154, 2231546);
p.SRID = 41014; //(Oracle SRID for the french "Lambert Grand Champ")
And I don't know what to input in p.SpatialReference because it's not an ID but it's a class which implements an interface...
What about this ?
The SRID in SRID.cvs not correspond to the SRID of Oracle, is it ok ?

I develop a PatchOracle.cs to get and save geometries by XML, it's faster than WKB, and I try to set the SRID of my geometries with the SRID of Oracle...

Thanks for answering !
Antoine from France ;)