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WKB_Geometry - Am I being more stupid than the local village idiot?

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Sep 6, 2006 at 9:55 AM

Hopefully a very quick one...

I have inserted a SHP file into MSSQL 2005, using SharpMap.Data.Providers.MsSql.CreateDataTable.

Is it possible to convert the WKBGeometry (Well-Known Binary) column using T-SQL into a readable form? Also I would like to generate data for the WKBGeometry based on data held within my existing coordinate tables, is this also possible using only T-SQL/or CLR?

Thanks to all!

James Chapman
Sep 6, 2006 at 12:02 PM

Please look at
I hope this covers your needs.
Sep 7, 2006 at 1:40 PM

I haven't had chance to run-thru it yet, but it looks as though it's exactly what I need. Is this something similar to SpatialWare???


Sep 7, 2006 at 5:12 PM
It has taken an idea from SpatialWare (notation of helper table-valued functions such as "select * from ST.FilterQuery#dbo#table#column( blah blah...") but it's mainly modelled after OGC specifications and PostGIS implementation.