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Source Control Restructuring

Topics: SharpMap Project
Sep 12, 2006 at 9:00 PM
Greetings -

I've been thinking of how to make a 2.0 branch so work can progress on those features while the 1.0 features are being worked on separately.

TFS doesn't seem to keep track of branches separately from the project structure - different branches correspond to different projects or folders in one project.

Due to this, I was exploring the possibility of restructuring the project source in the same way that Subversion recommended practice is structured: the project folder being the root, and a trunk, tags and branches folder in that root. Branches are copied to a subfolder in the "branches" folder, and tags to a subfolder in "tags". The actual current development head is in the "trunk" folder, and this is where development on the current version occurs. As development progresses on a branch, at some point, those changes will be merged into the trunk, making that the "current release source". This also gives a nicely structured source release archive - branches become a point-in-time state of the source of the version the branch is named after.