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Add 3.rd dimension

Topics: General Topics, Algorithms, SharpMap v2.0
Nov 20, 2007 at 5:50 PM

blackrussian wrote:
I have just uploaded an initial version of WPF Rendering and presentation layers
It is more like a "proof of concept" project rather than full implementation. E.g. the rendering cache is never cleared…
In general the Rendering Layer is more stable then the Presentation. The rendering project also has corresponding unit tests (naturally, based on GdiRendere unit tests).

are there some way to add a third dimension to the map view, or exactly spoken add a map in the 3D-Viewport (WPF) and also add/combine some georeferenced elements (not on the map) in the view? I.E. an image perpendicular to the map (has only one line as projektion) and with some georeferenced corners and "depth" and mybe others georeferenced 3D-objects?

It would be great, if somebody can provide here a small code example :)