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How can I add a shape with SRID = 23030??

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Jan 7, 2008 at 4:00 PM
Hi all, Hola a todos,

I am currently trying to create a map with an initial layer, which shape has SRID 23030. I start from demo to build this, erasing all layers (countries, rivers, cities...) and building mine. The problem is that after adding it, I can't see it, I just see light blue map :-(

Does someone know how to make it?. Thanks in advance!

Actualmente estoy intentando desarrollar una apliación con SharpMap, cuyo mapa de inicio lo paso desde un shape propio. La SRID del shape es 23030, y parto de la demo que hay publicada, eliminando primero el resto de capas y creando la mía propia. El problema es que no la logro visualizar, y siempre me sale todo azul claro, vamos, que no va...

Si alguien sabe como hacerlo que me lo diga, le estaría muy agradecido. Gracias de antemano!!
Apr 11, 2008 at 2:38 AM
Hola pana

I am very new to GIS in general but finally I was able to get a map with SRID 23030 working. I am using a combination of the AJAX control demo straight from the main code trunk and MonoRails but you should be fine using the one from the distribution. Here's what I did. First I found the min and max bounds of my map using OpenJUMP. In my case they are:
Xmin: 450343.95 , Xmax: 536978.54
Ymin: 9935023.71, Ymax: 10028622.69

Your mileage may vary but notice the large numbers. Then at the method that creates the map, usually MapHelper.InitializeMap() I set each of the layer's SRIDs to 23030, then right before returning the map, set the Maximum Zoom to 100000 and then the Zoom to 15000. Something like this:

MapHelper.InitializeMap(Size size){