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Jan 13, 2008 at 8:35 AM

Hello SharpMappers!

I’m just getting started, here is my situation. I’m hoping someone can point me in the right directions.

- Existing ASP.Net Web App in C#, looking to add some basic GIS functionality
- I have existing shape files with thousands of property ‘lots’ (small polygons) I’d like to work with.
- No other data files
- No requirement for Ajax yet (seems a little harder to work with for now, is that true?)

The basic needs of our application are:

- From an (object) list of ‘properties’ (which contains block and lot IDs), highlight these properties on the map (which are in the shape file, including the block and lot id’s).
- We’ll have an object list of LOTS … I’d like to find these in the Shape file, and highlight them on the map when the user clicks “Display on Map”.

- From the map… allow the user to select (rectangle, circle?) an area, and return a list (from the shape file), to the application.

We want to add more functionality in the future, but this is enought for now.


- Are there some fairly functional SharpMap web map app examples available? I’ve downloaded a couple very simple apps that have pan/zoom functions only. Seems like with all the developers here there should be some more code sharing going on? Is there a code sharing area?

- Also possibly looking for contractor support, from developers here online. Please contact me off-list to discuss.

- Are there other tutorials around that give an overview of SharpMap? I have the doc’s but no introduction and overview.

- Can you import Shape files into SQL Server…

- Can someone tell me where I can find a comparison between sharpmap .9 and 2.0?

Thanks for all help in advance.

Jan 17, 2008 at 5:24 PM
Hi Joe -

You can find a comparison of v0.9 (really v1) vs v2 here: Features.

You can import a shapefile into Sql Server, and the best way to do this (and to subsequently access that data), is to use the MsSqlSpatial data provider and tools.

Code sharing happens via work items and (recommended) via patches. If you search the work items you can find certain fixes or new features, but the patch area has a much cleaner list. Most (and most times, all) developer attention is focused on getting v2.0 released, so the SharpMap project currently lacks the signs of a mature, stable project, such as a well-defined practice of sharing code and solutions. This will probably take shape (no pun intended) over the next year or two.

Since my own needs are not web-oriented (I'm focused on the desktop/handheld side of things), I don't have much experience to draw from to easily give you some solid answers. I know that there has been work on the AJAX control to perform the selections which you describe, but I haven't run it. Our own Ricardo Stuven has created the well-done UltraMap application using SharpMap, and I imagine he would have some insights into the matter.