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Is SharpMap right for my project?

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Apr 13, 2010 at 10:13 AM
Hi folks, Just wanted to drop a quick post here for you guys that know this stuff inside out. We have a software project that we are currently working on, where we have a tonne of GPS Data (for Roads management) that, on the web we create a bunch of PolyLines using Google Maps and show on the screen with lots of fancy features for the users to use when they are infront of their PC. However, when they are out in the field, they are going to be running on Embedded XP machines, with pretty small screens and no guaranteed connectivity. So we are going to store the data they need on SQL Server CE on the devices and would like to be able to render the roads data (and zoom in/out/pan identify/hi light roads etc) with no underlay (i.e. no maps images underneath or anything) and display this to the user, relatively quickly. Do you think that this would suit us? Thanks very much for your time, Mark
Apr 13, 2010 at 11:29 AM

hello mark,

if SharpMap does run on embedded xp at all -which I don't know- the only thing that is really missing is a SharpMap - DataProvider for SQL Server CE.

You can get away with Shapefiles or (if that runs on embedded xp, too) SpatiaLite.

SharpMaps query for features implementation only queries for boundingboxes. You will have to polish the results using

  • NetTopologySuite (Shapefile) or
  • use an appropriate DefinitionQuery (SpatiaLite)

Hth FObermaier