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Add geometry into existetnt VectorLayer's table

Topics: General Topics
Oct 16, 2010 at 11:05 PM


I've an existent SQL Server Table conteining a VectorLayer. The table's schema is:

oid    int  
WKB_Geometry    image   
Envelope_MinX    real   
Envelope_MinY    real   
Envelope_MaxX    real   
Envelope_MaxY    real   
COMUNE    varchar(256)   
FOGLIO    varchar(256)   
NUMERO    varchar(256)   
ALLEGATO    varchar(256)   
SVILUPPO    varchar(256)   
TIPO    varchar(256)   
ALTEZZA    varchar(256)   
ROTAZIONE    varchar(256)   

I created a function to design a geometry (an object as linestring or polygon). I would insert the geometry into existent table but I have not found any information about this.

Can you help me?