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Panning TileAsyncLayer shows flashes

Topics: WinForms Controls
Mar 25, 2011 at 3:38 PM

I am very impressed of the responsiveness of the TileAsyncLayer, as shown in the WinFormSamples for Google, Bing, and OSM.

Unfortunately, after panning the map (by keeping the left mouse button pressed), the screen flashes gray and it takes some time to redraw the screen. he same happens when changing the zoom level; the screen first flashes gray after which the tiles are drawn one after the other.

Could this 'flash' problem be solved? I would prefer that only the white areas are updated after panning the map. Zooming could be made more smooth if the tiles of the original zoom level are up/down-scaled to give a preview of the new zoom level.

Any tips/hints are welcome!

Best regards, Harro