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Can not compile SharpMap 2.0

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Nov 26, 2011 at 4:56 AM

Hi All,

When i compile source code of sharpmap 2.0, i've some problems : 

Error 2 The command "xcopy /Y "C:\Users\Quanth\Desktop\Sharpmap 2.0 Compile\SharpMap.Data.Providers\SharpMap.Data.Providers.SpatialLite2\SQLite\lib*.dll" C:\Users\Quanth\Desktop\Sharpmap 2.0 Compile\SharpMap.Data.Providers\SharpMap.Data.Providers.SpatialLite2\bin\Debug_Net40\" exited with code 4. SharpMap.Data.Providers.SpatiaLite2



Error 3 The command "C:\Users\Quanth\Desktop\Sharpmap 2.0 Compile\BuildTools\python.exe && C:\Users\Quanth\Desktop\Sharpmap 2.0 Compile\BuildTools\python.exe" exited with code 9009. C:\Users\Quanth\Desktop\Sharpmap 2.0 Compile\SharpLayers\SharpMap.Presentation.Web.SharpLayers\SharpMap.Presentation.Web.SharpLayers.csproj 982 5 SharpMap.Presentation.Web.SharpLayers


Please help me fix it

Nov 28, 2011 at 10:02 AM

To solve the first problem, you need to modify the custom build step in the SpatiaLite provider. Put the second path in quotes as well, like this:

xcopy /Y "$(ProjektDir)SQLite\lib*.dll" "$(TargetDir)"

To solve the second problem, you need to install some recent python version (2.6.x) and point the custom build step to that python.exe.
You only need to do this, if you are interested in the web components.

Hth FObermaier