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Jan 17, 2012 at 10:04 AM

Hello, (sorry for my english )

I use sharpmap in application with masterpage et different page display map (same data).

the data is stored in xml file.

I save my maphelper (with sharpmap map) in session 

 if (Session["maphelper"] == null)
        _myMapHelper = new MapHelper(new System.Drawing.Size(1000, 560));

        _myMapHelper.ChargerLayerBase( WebTrackTools.GetDataXml(false));         
          Session.Add("maphelper", _myMapHelper);
     _myMapHelper = Session["maphelper"] as MapHelper;

ChargerLayerBase load xml data and create layer.

the problem is that I have 742 000 points (SharpMap.Geometries.Point) and then the size of  process w3wp (IIS) is 330 Mo on start (first sharpmap map open) and up to ~70 Mo by site open (session) 

1 session : 330 Mb

2 session : 408Mb

3 session : 480 Mb


on server there are 20 web site with 10-30 user

the process size fast up and saturated the server...

do you know a solution for optimize the memory?