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Is Map Sharp the right choice

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Jan 2, 2009 at 3:18 PM



                I am a .NET developer and a beginner to GIS and Map Sharp.  I have to develop a GIS module for the current project, for which I am planning to use Map Sharp. Following are the requirements for the GIS module


1.       Map of a State must be displayed in the user’s web browser and should be able to drill down to the level of Districts. Maps in the scale of 1:50000 in shapefile format would be used.

2.       A village where some disease outbreak occurs should be marked on the map and a polygon should be drawn marking the region surrounding the effected village that are in the radius of a specified distance for ex: 50 KM. This will be used by the officials to figure out the outbreak region and take necessary preventive steps to contain the outbreak.

3.        The field officials should be able to mark regions on the map. The marked region must be captured and stored in a centralized database and has to be shown to other users when requested for.

4.       At a later stage of the project maps may have to be displayed on GPS enabled mobile devices for the field officers to mark regions of interest on the map. These regions must be stored in a centralized database and the same has to be shown on maps either in a web browser or in a device when requested for.

5.       The whole solution would be hosted on a Web Server. The said GIS module will be a part of this solution. Disease control officers and workers across the state would be accessing the system for both entering and viewing the information remotely.



Is my idea of using Map Sharp for the project a right choice. Will Map Sharp serve all the requirements.


Any help appreciated


Thanks in advance

Jan 4, 2009 at 4:23 PM

Hi kannan_g You can definately use sharpmap to accomplish this type of project but there will be areas where you have to 'roll your own' a bit.

For instance drawing over a map - this is not catered for in the ajax map control at all - however this type of functionality is readily available in libraries such as open layers ( , which work very well with sharpmap. In effect OpenLayers takes care of piecing the rendered tiles together in the browser and sharpmap is used as a WMS server, rendering the tiles.

No matter what, you will need to get your hands a little bit dirty with some javascript..

With the 0.9 version the data providers are readonly so you would have to create the relevant storage format (wkb/wkt or vendor specific) and take care of writing to the db yourself, but this is usually fairly straightforward. In the v2 version (currently in development the providers are read/write

Personally I wouldn't hesitate to use sharpmap for this kind of project..
hth jd