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e00 reader

Topics: Data Access
Jan 11, 2009 at 2:26 AM
I would like to use NetTopologySuite to read an e00 file.  Sharp Map and NTS seems to be fairly interrelated projects, so I'm asking the question on this Forum.  I've asked around and it seems that currently there isn't a way to read on.  I've also done some searching, and it does not seem like there is a .net library out there that I can use to read an e00 file.

My first question is... is anybody familiar with a .net library that can read e00 files?

Second question... I've found some other libraries (in C and Java) that I might be able to adapt if nothing is available in .net

E00Parser (OpenMap):

Is anybody familiar with these libraries?  Is one of them a good candidite for an .net E00 reader?

Thanks for all the help,

Jan 11, 2009 at 11:13 AM
Hi Ben,
while I haven't tried it myself, there is an outside chance that the ogr provider would do what you want. It is in the SharpMap.Extensions project However the brief search I did yielded a few mentions of issues with topology using the ogr2ogr library (the OgrProvider is a wrapper around the unmanaged dlls in fwtools so are likely to share the same issues as ogr2ogr) see 
hth jd