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Assign source and targer label for street data in order to execute routing algorithm

Topics: Algorithms, General Topics, SharpMap Project, WinForms Controls
Jul 21, 2009 at 9:14 AM

Hi, everybody!

I have a Error in assigning  source and target label for street data .

I had finish  entering data into postgreSQL, but in assigning step for source and target label. My data is error. 

I am Vietnamese, Srid referencr spatial i give=4326.

Assign step:

"SELECT assign_vertex_id('street', 0.001, 'the_geom', 'gid');

UPDATE street SET length = length(the_geom);"

My error:

Source label and target lable is the same

I give Example:

Gid=1    ;       Street_kind=street_2001        ; The_Geometry  ="0105000020887F000001000..... ......."       ;Source =1;target =1; length=1669,873

Gid=2;           Street_kind=street_2001        ;The_Geometry="0105000020887F0000010000340........."     ;source=2;target=2;length=984,485



Gid=2050;     Street_kind=sreet_2001         ;The_Geometry="0105000020887F0000010000073241......."    ; Source=1263;target=1264;length=348,3432

Please show me, what's wrong with my data and how can i repair this error.

Thanks so much!