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Aug 7, 2006 at 9:11 AM
Hi there

Can one display specified X and Y points by executing a SQL query...

Thanx in advance...
Aug 7, 2006 at 10:12 AM

Look at this How-To!

Be aware you can use the "DefintionQuery" property of the
OleDb provider for filtering your data.
e.g. "name='Paris'"

Aug 7, 2006 at 11:18 AM
Thanks very much

Its seems to be working great ;-)

i have another my SQL database is necessary to have the binary field to store the binary value of the X and Y coordinates(store the point)...or is that only for when the mssql provider is used...please clarify that...I really appreciate you help

Aug 7, 2006 at 2:23 PM
That is only for the MSSQL provider, where geometry data needs to be stored as WKB (Well-known binary). When only storing points in your DB, this will be much simpler, and save you all the min/max columns required.
Aug 7, 2006 at 2:58 PM
Thank you for clearing that up. i`m i right in saying i need shapefile with all the points on ....then use the databases x and y to query the map...

thanks again
Aug 7, 2006 at 4:43 PM
I don't see any point in having your data in a shapefile, if you also have them in a database. One datasource should be sufficient.