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General Questions on SharpMap capabilities

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Jul 28, 2009 at 10:51 AM

Hi Community,

I am searching a GIS module for the migration of my C#-ArcMap ESRI application to a open-source based, C#-Application. What I read about SharpMap is interesting but for me it is difficult to say, if it really meets my needs. So I kindly ask for an estimation of an expert.

  1. In terms of data types it seems to fit my demands, but can I use existing legends (ESRI Layer files) and raster catalogues?
  2. Is SharpMap able to create and edit shapefiles? (I’ve seen that V2 has the ability but I find only 0.9 for download. Anyone has experience? Is it working?)
  3. Can I use images as symbols for a legend?
  4. Can I join a C# Datatable to a shapefile attribute table?
  5. Most probably there are no functions for printing?
  6. Can I put graphics on a map like text, images and boxes?
  7. I read a few topics about stability issues. Is SharpMap ready to be used in a professional application?

Thank you very much for any help.


Jul 31, 2009 at 12:48 PM

Hi Ralph,

1) SharpMap does not read .lyr files or raster catalogues

2) SharpMap v2 can edit shapefiles 0.9 cannot. v2 is at

3) There is no legend control, you bring your own using the map.Layers collection to drive your own UI

4) FeatureDataTable is derived from DataTable so you can do anything that you would be able to do with a normal DataTable. (in 0.9)

5) There are no specific functions for printing.

6) The model is open - you could create specialist layers for drawing overlays or you could render to an image buffer and then use the Graphics object to draw over the top

7) 0.9 is stable, v2 less so (if you go off the beaten track) but acceptable for many purposes - both versions are in use in professional applications

hth jd