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Problem loading Raster Data

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Jul 6, 2015 at 6:12 PM
Edited Jul 8, 2015 at 4:57 PM
Hey guys,

i have problems loading rasterfiles (.tiff) with SharpMap

I tried initializing a SharpMap GDAL Layer but nothing happens.

SharpMap.Layers.GdalRasterLayer G = new SharpMap.Layers.GdalRasterLayer("Raster", "C:\*.tiff");

I get the errors:

"System.IO.FileLoadException" in SharpMap.Extensions.dll
"System.TypeInitializationException" in SharpMap.Extensions.dll
"System.TypeInitializationException" in GDALraster.exe

I have all the gdal.dll linked in my VS Project.

Since i also have a world file for my raster (.tfw) I also tried using a GdiImageLayer, which can optionally use a world file

SharpMap.Layers.GdiImageLayer H = new SharpMap.Layers.GdiImageLayer("Raster", "C:\*.tiff");

but how can i set the world file??

Sorry for my bad english and im completely new to c# programming and SharpMap, can anyone help me with that problem and explain in a very simple way? I need this to get solved for my thesis.

Thank you so much


Okay guys, i solved this problem by using NuGet manager to install packages for my project. I think by downloading the .dll on my own i must have put them in the wrong directories.