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VariableLayers and LabelLayers conflict

Topics: Data Access, General Topics
Oct 23, 2015 at 12:48 AM
I have a map displaying streets from a shapefile and using a LabelLayer to show the street names. I also have a VariableLayer being updated every 2 seconds and reading from a database that is continuously being populated with GPS points. The issue I'm having is if there are ever any more then 10 or so street labels on the screen at one time, then the VariableLayer will stop updating it's display. The VariableLayer will update and display the GPS track fine if I'm zoomed in close enough so only a few streets are visible or if I turn off the LabelLayer. Would there be anything obvious I'm missing when using these two layer types together?
Nov 10, 2015 at 11:59 AM
What layer collection are you adding the layers too?

Where is the street name data coming from. Whats most likely happening is that the label rendering is slow, so if there are too many labels to drawn, then it will take longer than the 2 second refresh for the gps points. Make sure the gps points layer is added to the variable layers collection, and you call variablelayers.touchtimer() o refresh, not map.refresh()