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Heat Layer Issues

Topics: SharpMap v0.9 / v1.x
Jul 26, 2016 at 2:28 PM
Hi Team,
I am using your HeatLayer Map , but i have following issues with this :-

1.How can i change the size of Heatpoint.?
2.can i create a polygon of different color using heat map?
3.How can i style the HeatLayer?
4 What is BlendOperation how can i implement this.?

Moto To Achieve:- I have different values on different point for one Source and i have multiple source in my file i just want to show those all different sources to map using heat layer . Can i achieve this by creating Polygon or by creating Points . Please help .
I have already gone through your example but i cant achieve this by your example .

Aug 1, 2016 at 10:53 AM
1.) The size of the heat point depends on the Map.Zoom value and is scaled to the range [HeatLayer.ZoomMin, HeatLayer.ZoomMax]. You cannot change that.
2.) There are no polygons, just dots.
3.) You can modify HeatLayer by applying a custom delegate to compute the heat value(HeatValueComputer) and by setting the HeatColorBlend
4.) You cannot change the blend operation