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MapBox does not fire mouse wheel to zoom in all parts

Topics: Algorithms
Sep 2, 2016 at 9:59 AM
I have asked this question is github too, This is sum kind of bug I think, When we load two maps in two different forms the part that they ovelap each other does not fire any mouse wheel,zoom and etc.
this is an example file that I have created before
here is the download link

we have two there is two bugs,
1- when I load a layer to form 1 map layer in form 2 does not load any thing,Some times I should use mouse wheel in case of update and show the map
2- when I load a layer in form 2..the area that map object in form 1 occupies mouse wheel does not work..You can resize form1 and see that zoom using wheel works.

Can some one help me find a solution to this errors?Or I am ding sth wrong with it?