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How to use cyrillic symbols in labels

Mar 6 at 7:48 AM
What about using cyrillic symbols in column name ?
I made 2 columns in label layer, whose values are the same. First name is "kv", the second with cyrillic symbols "кв". When I use first column name
labelLayer.LabelColumn = "kv";
everything works fine
and when I try to use cyrillic symbols
labelLayer.LabelColumn = "кв";
the layer appears with red cross.
How to solve a problem?
Mar 6 at 9:01 AM
Edited Mar 6 at 12:41 PM
The error occurs in line 471 in LabelLaer.cs
  text = feature[LabelColumn].ToString();
So the question is - How to change the encoding of layer columns names?

LabelColumn = "кв" , but in feature field name = "ËÑ" , .

Emphasize the problem is with label field name of the label layer , text of labels with cyrillic is displayed correctly.

I do not understand by now, how from the "кв", appears string "ËÑ" in the feature field name.

Layers with the columns names , that contains Cyrillic, are displayed normally. The problem is associated with the label field name of the label layers , when it contains cyrillic.
Mar 6 at 12:44 PM
According to, non-ASCII field names are not supported by the DBase III format.
Mar 7 at 6:04 AM
It's clear. Thank you ! I'll have to rename the fields