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Could now download capabilities

Topics: Algorithms, Data Access, SharpMap Project
Sep 9, 2009 at 3:38 PM
Edited Sep 9, 2009 at 3:39 PM

I am trying out the SharpMap WMS Client ASP.NET demo application and I'm receiving this message:

"Could now download capabilities" when it gets to the GetWmsLayer method and tries to instantiate an instance of the WmsLayer class (highlighted in italics).

The relevant code snippet is:


public static SharpMap.Layers.WmsLayer GetWmsLayer()
	string wmsUrl = "";
	SharpMap.Layers.WmsLayer layWms = new SharpMap.Layers.WmsLayer("Demis Map", wmsUrl);
	layWms.SpatialReferenceSystem = "EPSG:4326";		
	layWms.AddLayer("Ocean features");
	layWms.ContinueOnError = true; //Skip rendering the WMS Map if the server couldn't be requested (if set to false such an event would crash the app)
	layWms.TimeOut = 5000; //Set timeout to 5 seconds
	layWms.SRID = 4326;
	return layWms;

I am trying to access it from behind a proxy however you can't set the proxy attribute until the instance is created it seems.
Has anyone come across this issue and resolved it successfully?