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Norm Ajax Map to VB

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Feb 6, 2007 at 6:34 AM
Hi all

Has anybody succesfully converted The Norm src to vb - I have been attemting and got 95% of the way there - except that there seems to be a problem with my callback function - and I end up getting a "refresh map failed" error. I cant post my src here because i am not sure where the problem lies. If someone has converted it to vb and got it working, It would definatly be useful to use that as a base. I am wanting to extend that control to include the following (which i will share of course):
Writing to image file (instead of using the maphandler)
incorporating the map tools in the control
incorporating an XML file for storing layers and their properties.

By doing this the end user would essentially be able to throw the control on the page, tweak a few properties, point it to an XML file and be ready to go.

I have written a similar wrapper for VDS's aspmap, but like the idea of using sharpmap instead. However, I am new to sharpmap, and must say am getting relatively frustrated trying to get this src converted - so any help will be appreciated. I will happily make what I have done available for dissection
Feb 7, 2007 at 12:31 AM
I put a translated Web_Demo to the release tab.
I had some problems to convert the styling delegates functionality.
PLease have a look at it.

Feb 25, 2007 at 7:12 PM
Hi Christian

To fix the styling, just change:

GetCountryStyle(ByVal row As SharpMap.Data.FeatureDataRow)As SharpMap.Styles.VectorStyle

GetCountryStyle(ByVal row As SharpMap.Data.FeatureDataRow) As SharpMap.Styles.IStyle

I had the same problem