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Which version of SharpMap should be used?

Topics: General Topics, SharpMap Project, WinForms Controls
Dec 8, 2009 at 2:46 PM


Currently, I am evaluating SharpMap to replace another GIS suite which is currently too expensive and under-documented...  I am currently a little confused with the number of branches and what features they offer, and I am hoping someone could help steer me in a better direction.

Currently, we simply need to load GeoTiff data and capture coordinates and screenshots.  Later we will wish to draw simple routes on the rasters, but from the looks of it, all versions of SharpMap have shape file support (so this is likely version independent).

Hunting on the forms suggested to me that Dan's patched version from the Source Code->Patches section above would be the best solution when working with Rasters.  However it does not appear to support palletes in rasters.  This ( appears to add the support, but appears to be incompatible with Dan's version (

SharpMap 2.0 could be an option, but some research has shown that there is no current raster support in 2.0?  

Since this project appears to be changing and updating rather quickly, I think I just came in at a confusing time.  Has Dan's version been superseded by the 1.0 Beta?  Should I use Dan's over the version with the patch for palletes, or is there another more suitable branch?

On a side note: Dan's version (outside of the colour issue) does appear to work just fine. So, in short, Im quite pleased by this project.