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SharpMap is an easy-to-use mapping library for use in web and desktop applications. It provides access to many types of GIS data, enables spatial querying of that data, and renders beautiful maps. The engine is written in C# and based on the .Net 4.0 framework. SharpMap is released under GNU Lesser General Public License.

Please visit our SharpMap Supporters page

SharpMap on NuGet

The SharpMap-Team proudly presents NuGet packages for SharpMap.

Component NuGet command
SharpMap Core Install-Package SharpMap
SharpMap WinForms User interface Install-Package SharpMap.UI
SharpMap WebServer components Install-Package SharpMap.Web
Additional SharpMap providers and layers Install-Package SharpMap.Extensions

Change to TFS-GIT

Due to constant issues with Subversion access to the source repository we decided to let Codeplex convert the repository to TFS-GIT. Along with this change we decided to move on to GitHub.

The reposititory on codeplex will no longer be maintained, please fork SharpMap on GitHub


SharpMap continuous integration


SharpMap automatic builds, automated tests and more.

Tutorial for beginners

If you are new to SharpMap we have added some tutorial-material to get you starting, see the Documentation page or directly: SharpMap Tutorial

Provider for Esri's File Geodatabase

A new provider has been added to access feature data stored in Esri's File Geodatabase. It is at an early stage and you are invited to test it. It uses Esri's File Geodatabase API SDK, so it is limited to file geodatabases of version 1.2 (created with ArcGIS 10)

Use SqlServer Spatial Objects with SharpMap

The new project SharpMap.SqlServerSpatialObjects offers a converter between SqlGeometry and SharpMap.Geometries. Also included are static classes for SpatialRelation- and SpatialOperation functions.

General interest

A mailing list for people doing geo-spatial on .net / mono platforms with oss tools


Getting Started Learning More About the Project
* Screenshots * Extensions * Roadmap
* Features * Data provider comparisons * Data formats supported
* Requirements   * IRC chat
* FAQ    
* How to...    
* Architecture, v1.0 (UML) TableSpacer3Column.png TableSpacer3Column.png TableSpacer3Column.png

Useful External Resources

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