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Why this page

SharpMap is an OpenSource project, that is developed and maintained by a bunch of passionated developers mainly in their free time. Like all the code you can find elsewhere, SharpMap isn't perfect: using it you can experience some bugs, lack of documentation, code that it's not so easy to understand, and so on.

You can, actually you should, ask for help in the discussions forum, where SharpMap users and developers are willing to help you understand how to use the code, but, please, ask questions the smart way.
Posting questions like
  • I have a shapefile, but using sharpmap my map is blank. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
is useless. With just this information, nobody can help you investigate what is wrong. So, when posting a question in the forum, be sure to provide at least the following information:

Provide a detailed description of the problem
Be sure to explain as better as you can what do you're doing with the code, or what you need to do, something like:
What steps will reproduce the problem?
What is the expected output?
What do you see instead?
Specify the version you're using
You're using the latest download, or directly the trunk? This is extremely important for us.
Sample code and/or sample data
If you're dealing with a strange behavior, it's extremely important that you provide something that shows your problem. This doesn't mean that you must paste the entire app and the entire database here, you can build a sample project with some non-sensible data that shows the error.
Be specific in choosing the tags to post under
Checking all the tags will not get you a faster answer. In fact it will slow the process down since it isn't specific.

Further reading

For further improvement of your questioning skills we suggest to read Eric Steven Raymond's How To Ask Questions The Smart Way book, at least the Be Specific chapter.
Another useful guide is StackOverflow's How To Ask How To Ask page.

On behalf of the community

These are simple rules, but extremely useful for both you (the questioner) and the community trying to help you. Thank you for using SharpMap.

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