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SharpMap Capabilities

Core Capabilities

Feature SharpMap v1.0 SharpMap v2.0
Embed the engine using any .NET language, including C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI and J# * *
Renders attributes as labels * Beta 2
Support for Points, Linestings, Polygons, MultiPoints, MultiLineStrings, MultiPolygons, GeometryCollections etc. according to the OpenGIS Simple Features Specification * *
Map zoom and pan * *
Advanced thematic maps using delegates * *
On-the-fly reprojections * *
Supports updatable data stores *
Disconnected operation *
Spatial indexing across layers *
Independence from rendering technology used to generate map images *
Feature selection and highlighting *
Spatial Analysis and Robust Geometry Processing *
Ability to replace geometry, spatial indexing and projection libraries *


Feature SharpMap v1.0 SharpMap v2.0
Http Handler for producing map images * Not complete
AJAX map control * (extension) Not complete
Use as WMS 1.3.0 server * Not complete

Rich Client

Feature SharpMap v1.0 SharpMap v2.0
Use in Windows Forms * *
Use in Click Once ? In Progress
Use in Silverlight Not completed
Use in WPF In Progress

Data Access

R = Read Access; W = Write Access; C = Create
Method SharpMap v1.0 SharpMap v2.0
PostgreSQL / PostGIS R (extension) R (extension)
ESRI Shapefile R (core) RWC (core)
Microsoft SQL Server R (core) R (extension)
Oracle Spatial R (extension) R (extension)
OleDB support R (core) R (extension)
Support for WMS layers R (core) R (extension)
SQLite R (extension) R (extension)
MapInfo File R (extension) R (extension)
TIGER R (extension) R (extension)
S57 R (extension) R (extension)
DGN R (extension) R (extension)
CSV R (extension) R (extension)
GML R (extension) R (extension)
Interlis 1 R (extension) R (extension)
Interlis 2 R (extension) R (extension)
ODBC R (extension) R (extension)
ECW raster R (extension) R (extension)
JPEG2000 raster R (extension) R (extension)


Feature SharpMap v1.0 SharpMap v2.0
Custom data providers * *
Custom layer types * *
Custom geometry types *
Custom renderer types *
Custom spatial indexes *

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