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SharpMap Development Roadmap

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 is scheduled to be released on October 31, 2012. This version will include NTS-geometries and all 0.9 functionality.
Version 1.0 will also be release as a NuGet package

Version 2.0

Since version 2.0 is no longer maintained this version will be skipped

Version 3.0

Directly after 1.0 is release, the work towards releasing a 3.0 version will begin.
Some features that are planned to be inlcuded in this release are
  • IFeature / IFeatureProvider, returning features from the dataproviders instead of datatables to simplify the process of removing the System.Data dependency
  • Better Labelrendering, the label rendering will be rebuilt making it better in placing labels, supporting rendering labels from multiple layers at the same time, ...
  • IRenderer, the rendering of SharpMap will be somewhat changed to better support other renderers than GDI+
  • Serialization, Map files will support save and load to a XML-format making it easier to design maps

There is no releasedate set for SharpMap 3.0, but late 2013 is a good estimate as for now

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