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Thematic maps and labels
Example showing a map where each country is rendered with a rainbow-style color gradient based on the population density, and labels showing the country name (SharpMap v0.9)

City map
Example showing a typical map with roads, buildings, etc.

Texture-fillstyles and thematic maps
Example of the possibilities that texturebrushes and semi-transparency can give you. A semi-transparent GradiantTheme Layer is overlaying a texturebrush layer. The water layer was downloaded on-the-fly from Demis' WMS server.

ECW raster image
This is the NASA Blue Marble image which is approximately 2.8gb of uncompressed raster, rendered using ER Mappers ECW/JPEG SDK. The map has been supplemented with vector borders and gridlines.

Desktop test application using the MapImage control

Demis WMS Layer
It's possible to use maps from other WMS compliant map servers, and use them as a part of your map

*Themes with text on path

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