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GDAL Raster Overlay and Skew Question

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Apr 27, 2016 at 9:46 PM
So I have been working on overlaying a national weather service radar image over a NAD8315N projected shapefile as time allows. It works fine except that the northern portion of the radar image is larger than the actual bounds that it is supposed to fit into. I'm wondering if this is just the characteristics of using a projected coordinate system to display raster data using a worldfile? See the image below. I outlined the radar image in red so that you can see how large it is compared to the grey polygon area which is the boundary the image is supposed to fit into.

If I use a geographic coordinate WGS84 system the radar image is displayed spot on.

My question is simple - is there a way to get this raster image to display correctly in a projected coordinate system possibly using the skew fields in the worldfile with GDAL? Or am I doing something wrong and need to post code?