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Available documentation

Tutorials for new users to SharpMap

We've created a tutorial for those who are new to SharpMap to get started
SharpMap Tutorial

Common pitfalls

Error: The type or namespace name 'SharpMap' could not be found

You probably have the wrong target-framework set in your project. You need to target the Full .NET 4.0 framework (default in Visual Studio new projects are targetted .NET 4 Client Framework)

Error: TypeLoadException in SharpMap.UI when Map is shown/initialized

This can happen if NetTopologySuite-dll is not loaded (and thereby sets the GeomeryServicesProvider in GeoAPI).
A workaround is that you in your code set
GeoApi.GeometryServicesProvider.Instance = new NetTopologySuite.NtsGeometryServicesProvider();
before the map is loaded

Why don't you provide signed assemblies

We are not providing signed assemblies for various reasons. If you need signed assemblies for your application to work properly, please sign them yourself. This is not a violation of the GPL and thus it applies, from our point of view, to the LGPL as well.

Logging / Tracing SharpMap

SharpMap supports logging to existing logging frameworks as NLog and Log4Net in addition to tracing directly to the Console.
See Logging / Tracing SharpMap for information about how to configure SharpMap to output trace/log messages

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