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Can I use SharpMap on the Mono framework?


Although SharpMap isn't formally tested with Mono, posted workarounds for Mono have been implemented in SharpMap. These workarounds are included as compiler-conditionals for your convenience. The general approach is currently to compile it and try it out. There might still be some issues, but generally the SharpMap core should work.

SharpMap 1.0 UI namespace does not work at all. However, in SharpMap v2.0, rendering has been factored out of the SharpMap core and this allows more flexibility in the UI. Drawing libraries that Mono supports can be used in new rendering engines which can be plugged into the SharpMap 2.0 framework. If you are interested in this, post to the issue tracker or the discussion forums to get interest generated. With enough momentum, something should be able to be done easily.

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