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Important notice:

The information provided in this document targets the use of GDAL via FWTools. This approach is obsolete and only valid for SharpMap v0.9 based on changesets prior to revision 100922. Nowadays we use the GDAL binaries and CSharp bindings provided by Tamas Szekeres. The tutorial for setting up these is here: Configure GDAL/OGR based on Nuget packages.

Configuring GDAL OGR FWTOOLS as of revision 57193

  • 2 In the [app|web].config of your app you must add the following key value pair to your appSettings element

<add key="FWToolsBinPath" value="path to the *bin* folder where you unpacked fwtools 2.4.7" /> 

if you do not have an [app|web].config file you must create one


        <add key="FWToolsBinPath" value="c:\FWTools2.4.7\bin"/>

Additional settings for GDAL OGR FWTools (as of revision 64184)

If you want to take the most out of GDAL/OGR you can supply the following settings as well:
        <add key="FWToolsProjLib" value="c:\FWTools2.4.7\proj_lib"/>
        <add key="FWToolsGeoTiffCsv" value="c:\FWTools2.4.7\data"/>
        <add key="FWToolsGdalData" value="c:\FWTools2.4.7\data"/>
        <add key="FWToolsGdalDriver" value="c:\FWTools2.4.7\plugins"/>
Certainly you need to provide the paths that fit your environment.
If you use another FWTools version, you must replace the csharp bindings and must update the above settings to your installation

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